How to sign up with bluecap Meeting Assistant?

How to sign up with bluecap Meeting Assistant?

2. Select the plan fits your needs the best. Please take note that accounts exceeding their alotted hourly quota will automatically be charged for additional use.
*Prices are subject to change any time. Please refer to the bluecap pricing  and plans up to date information.

3.  Sign up using Google Calendar or other calendars available. Note: Currently bluecap™ requires a Google Workspace account, you can, however, use your meeting platform of chocie once signed up.

4.  Login using your Google Workspace credentials and authorize bluecap

5. Enter your organization name and select how you want bluecap™ to join your meetings. Join all meetings will make bluecap™ automatically join any meeting in your calendar on any supported meetign application. Join meetigns I own will make bluecap™ only join meetings where you are the meeting host in your calendar. On demand makes bluecap™ only join meetings via entering a meeting link in your bluecap™ dashboard or summoning via browser extension ( browser extension currently only available for Google Meet).

6. Enter your billing information. All accounts start as a free trial and your credit card will not be charged until after the trial period of 30 days. You can cancel at anytime inside the app settings tab without any obligation during this trial period. After 30 days, you will be charged based on your selected plan. Plans and charges are always accessible in the settings tab.

7. Upon successful billing and payment information, you will be taken to your dashboard. From here you can proceed to go to settings for more configuration or start/schedule a meeting. For authorizing third party applications  (Zoom, MS Teams, Zoho, Salesforce, Jira, and more), proceed to Settings from the menu, select Integrations from the tab.

8. Choose your third party application (s).

9. Follow the instructions for authorizing your accounts.

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